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How much is delivery?

Refer to shipping rates table

Which countries do you deliver to?

All countries

When will my order arrive?



West Malaysia

3 to 5 business days

East Malaysia

5 to 7 business days


21 business days

*International delivery could be subjected to delay due to Customs Clearance and/or by Local Postal Service of recipient’s country. Due to the pandemic, please do expect some delivery delays

What are the references used in the materials?

Authentic Sikh references has been used during the preparation of the materials

How do I handle the books acquired?

All publications contain Gurbani and due respect is expected in the handling.
NOTE: Book contain Gurbani. Please handle this book with utmost respect (i.e. place the book on a higher, clean surface and do not place it on your legs. While reading, please cover your head, do not consume anything and always handle with clean dry hands).

Are materials produced by the Academy accredited?

All materials published by the Academy has received accreditation from the 5 Takht (Sikh supreme bodies)

How can I contact you?

You may contact us via WhatsApp for any inquiries at +6016 323 3058.